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written by  Emil Zola | adaptation and lyrics Lucie Málková, Jan Tošovský, Miloš Orson Štědroň  | music Miloš Orson Štědroň | set design Iva Němcová | costumes Barbara Wojtkowiak and Petra Vlachynská |  light design Martin Špetlík | litterary advisor Jan Tošovský | choreography Broňa Skalická 

cast: Vojtěch Dyk, Jana Pidrmanová, Tomáš Dianiška, Lenka Zahradnická, Pavla Beretová, Vojtěch Dvořák, Lukáš Příkazký, Radovan Klučka, Vladimíra Striežencová, Ondřej Novák, Martin Severýn, Igor Orozovič, Klára Brtníková, Dana Marková, Magda Španihelová a Ondřej Černý 

A brechtian style musical based od Zola’s novel Ladie’s Paradise tells a story about the rise of first departement store in Paris. The love affair between young poor girl Denisa Baudu and the owner of departement store Octave Mouret sharply changes into a critic of consume style of living, abuse of empolyees in big corporations and use of clever marketing method to enslave the customers.

The text was nominated for Evald Schorms Prize 2008 for best students drama. It’s been translated to Hungarian, English and french translation is in progress.

Opening night: 10th February 2008 in Divadlo Disk Prague

„...Forget czech musicals as Dracula, Golem or Joan of Arc. Ladies paradise is a sharp answer on czech musical theater culture which offers mainly mainstream melodies sung by czech celebrities and concerning sensless stories...”

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Irena Hejdová, 22nd February 2008,

„...Ladies paradise rolls over audience like an enorme tsunami waves, thereÅLs always things to watch – courageus minimalistic set design and costumes goes together with original choreography, creative use of theater space and also live chamber orchestra. It is sure that this work shows one of the ways which a musical theater could follow in 21st century...“ read more

Jana Soprová, 9th March 2008,



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