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cast: Karolína Baranová, Petr Semerád, Jakub Albrecht, Tomáš Váhala,  Anna Suchánková, Tereza Tausingerová, Adam Kubišta and Vladimíra Striežencová.

Opening night 9th April 2011 in Divadlo Na prádle

Second edition of the contemporary francophone theater, this time focused on the women’s writing.

Marion Aubert: Adventures of Nathalia Nicole Nicole
Drama of respected French playwright tells the story about children’s ability of transforming cruel reality of their lives (home violence, bullying, divorce of parents) into a funny and happy fantasies.

Irina Dalle: The rehearsal
In the past, art and theater always helped in the worst moment of the life. As same, as in concentration camps the prisoners staged performance about freedom which gives them the hope and also helped them to forget the misery they are living. 

Ouarda Zerarga: Ich bin walou
Montage of various texts threating the topic of the racism in the society and humiliation of the poor people in the system.


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