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cast: Týna Průchová, Anežka Rusevová, Igor Orozovič, Jiří Konvalinka, Ian Soliane, Joséphine Serre and Elvire Marouard​

An evening dedicated to Francophone theater presents three various drama selected by French association “Écriture du monde”, which focus to present contemporary drama in the whole world. 

David Lescot: European
What happen to Europe when represented by a composer who is convinced that he is better than Beethoven, by Portuguese rebel actor, rigid German sculptor, Belgian linguist, the oldest woman of the Europe and three musicians who are looking for an orchestra? Has the art power to understand each other? Can they fight together against European hyperbyrocratic system?

Ian Soliane: Bamako Paris
Ibou is illegal immigrant who is hiding in the carriage unit of Airbus A320 in 9000 metres above sea. He speaks with us about his dreams, hopes and future life in Europe. His monologue alternates with dissection analyze of his body, found 16 hours after the plane took of from Mali.

Elvire Marouard: Baudelaire’s Haitien
Poetical text of well known and respected Haiti writer deals with the history of the enslavement of black nation by the colonialist and through Baudelaire eye’s  discovers the beauty and passion of black women.


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