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cast: Lucie Juřičková, Ivan Řezáč, Daniel Bambas, Magdalena Hniličková, Lukáš Příkazký, Lucie Štěpánková, Jan Holík, Pavel Batěk a Lucie Polišenská

Opening night: 10th December 2011 in Na Vinhradech Theater  

The degustation of the freshly translated French plays in presence of Congo playwright Caya Makhelé.

Marion Aubert: Proud, pursue and execution
Do you think your family is awesome and your boss is an complete idiot? Hysterical familial comedy in which a young playwright Marion Aubert put herself through sebedestructive therapy and show through laught that everything can be just even worse…and worse…

Jean-Marie Piemme: That’s it!
Concurency fight, xenophobia, anti-Semitism. Rough butchery comedy about two butcheries in one street and a butcher trainee who discovered the secret of home receipe for the sausage and know what to do…

Pierre-Yves Chapalain: Absinth
In huge desert house, there is a mother who bakes tons of cakes, father who lost his identity, androgyne brother and a girl, Absinth who knows for sure that’s is necessary to clean out this rotten house at any price…

Samuel Gallet: Press realease n. 10
Young guy Lakdar was beaten up by the police when stealing a car. As a reaction, all the city has drowen into severe strikes and street violence. Police is losing the control in the city, violence is increasing until the press release number 10 is published….

Caya Makhélé: Witchcraft

More the despotic father hurts his wife, more she gets younger. Their daughter Ondina passes her time at a lake and identifies with Rusalka from Dvořák’s opera. Agrues and violence increases and Ondina finally express her wish…


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